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go away from;
allow or cause to remain

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leave behind






to part; leave
to part
to leave

leave; part from; away from; separate from; depart, go away
part from, away from
separate from
depart, go away

leave; go away; depart from
to leave
go away
depart from

to part, separate; leave for a long time
to part, separate
leave for a long time

walk, go on foot; leave, depart, go away
to walk, go on foot
to leave, depart, go away

don't go; don't leave; don't go away
don't go
don't leave
don't go away

clingy; regret parting; reluctant to leave; emotional attachment; attached to someone
regret parting
reluctant to leave
emotional attachment
attached to someone

say good-bye; take one's leave; to fire, dismiss, resign; decline, shirk, evade
to say good-bye
take one's leave
to fire, dismiss, resign
to decline, shirk, evade

say farewell; bid farewell; say good-bye; take one's leave; pay a farewell call
say farewell
bid farewell
say good-bye
take one's leave
pay a farewell call

go; leave; remove; of the past; be apart from
to go
to leave
to remove
of the past
be apart from

jump, leap; leave, drop away
jump, leap
leave, drop away

farewell; send-off; going-away party; see somebody off
going-away party
see somebody off

to place; put aside; leave over
to place
put aside
leave over

to oust, expel; kick out; drive out; force someone to leave a place
to oust, expel
kick out
drive out
force someone to leave a place

EXIT; a way out
a way out

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