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grand and impressive in appearance

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imposing, awe-inspiring, apprehensive

might, majesty, imposing, imposing reputation, power and prestige, powerful and influence
might, majesty, imposing
imposing reputation
power and prestige
powerful and influence

heroic and mighty; mighty and grandeur; powerful and grandeur; imposing and formidable
heroic and mighty
mighty and grandeur
powerful and grandeur
imposing and formidable

imposing; awe-inspiring; majestic-looking; threatening aspect; power and prestige; majestic and awe-inspiring
threatening aspect
power and prestige
majestic and awe-inspiring

awesome dignity; dignified bearing; awe-inspiring air; imposing prestige
awesome dignity
dignified bearing
awe-inspiring air
imposing prestige

dignified air, noble and lordly, imposing manner, impressive demeanor
dignified air
noble and lordly
imposing manner
impressive demeanor

momentum; spiritual vigor; imposing manner
spiritual vigor
imposing manner

imposing manner; influential impetus; impression of strength
imposing manner
influential impetus
impression of strength

loud and powerful; resonant and imposing of a person's voice
loud and powerful
resonant and imposing
(of a person's voice)

male, masculine; heroic, powerful, imposing; man of power and stature
male, masculine
heroic, powerful, imposing
man of power and stature

virile and robust; imposing momentum; masculine and vigorous
virile and robust
imposing momentum
masculine and vigorous

imposing spirit, awe-inspiring air, gallant and stately manner
imposing spirit
awe-inspiring air
gallant and stately manner

grand imposing, stately grandeur, power and stature
grand imposing
stately grandeur
power and stature

proud spirit; imposing spirit; lofty sentiments
proud spirit
imposing spirit
lofty sentiments

handsome, good-looking

outstanding imposing manner, distinguished from one's kind
outstanding imposing manner
distinguished from one's kind

high, lofty, imposing; to honor, revere, adore; to exalt, esteem, worship
high, lofty, imposing
to honor, revere, adore
to exalt, esteem, worship

grand; majestic; magnificent and imposing
magnificent and imposing

glittering and imposing, splendid and dazzling, lustrous and brilliant
glittering and imposing
splendid and dazzling
lustrous and brilliant

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