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follow (1-character)
follower (Chinese words)

Follow me.
Come with me.

to follow
tag along
string along

to track
to trace
to tail after
to shadow someone

to track
to trace
follow the trail of

continue the triumphant pursuit
continue one's victorious pursuit
follow up a victory with hot pursuit

let it be
leave it to fate
comply with destiny
follow the serendipity

have one's own way
do what one desires
follow one's inclinations
act where one’s mind reaches

as one pleases
have one's own way
follow one's inclinations
do anything one's heart dictates

guard with care
follow faithfully
adhere strictly (to the rules)

follow out
carry through
put into effect
go through with
complete something

follow an instruction
obey your command
comply with your wish

to call
to beckon
to summon
order to be present


to imitate
to mimic

follow good advice readily
willingly follow what is right
forge ahead in doing what is right

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