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dream (idiom)


to dream
fond dream
earnest wish
dream of something

a dreamer
a fantast
a visionary

in a dream
realm of dreams

sleep talking
talking during sleep


dream omen
oneirocritic sign
sign of a dream
prognostic from a dream

interpret a dream
dream interpretation

beautiful and romantic dream

build a dream
weave a dream
dream weaving
construct a fond dream

into the dream
appear in one's dream

illusory dream
fantasy dream

to dream
to daydream
indulge in a daydream
imagine as in a dream

to dream
have a dream
have a pipe dream
fantasize about
indulge in daydreams
imagine the occurrence

spring dream
transient joy
fleeting illusion

fond dream
beautiful dream

pipe dream
fond illusion
delusive dream

sweet dream
deep dream

realize a dream
The dream comes true.

pipe dream

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