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showing a composed or serious manner
that is worthy of respect

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dignified and modest, polite and restrained, serene and composed, elegant and cultivated of women
dignified and modest
polite and restrained
serene and composed
elegant and cultivated
(of women)

serious and grave, solemn and dignified, sedate and majestic
serious and grave
solemn and dignified
sedate and majestic

solemn and dignified; stately and majestic; nobly with dignity; dignified in manner
solemn and dignified
stately and majestic
nobly with dignity
dignified in manner

awesome dignity; dignified bearing; awe-inspiring air; imposing prestige
awesome dignity
dignified bearing
awe-inspiring air
imposing prestige

stern, strict; stringent, severe; solemn, rigorous, dignified
stern, strict
stringent, severe
solemn, rigorous, dignified

solemn, serious, deep sincerity, formal and dignified
deep sincerity
formal and dignified

graceful and poised; elegant and poised; composed and dignified
graceful and poised
elegant and poised
composed and dignified

natural and graceful; poised and dignified; elegant and composed
natural and graceful
poised and dignified
elegant and composed

sedate; dignified; steady and calm; staid and prudent
steady and calm
staid and prudent

ceremonious; formal and dignified; grand and ceremonial; solemn, with solemnity
formal and dignified
grand and ceremonial
solemn, with solemnity

dignified air, noble and lordly, imposing manner, impressive demeanor
dignified air
noble and lordly
imposing manner
impressive demeanor

solemn, dignified, noble, venerable, majestic, regal, distinguished
solemn, dignified, noble
venerable, majestic, regal

lofty, dignified, upright, straight
lofty, dignified, upright, straight

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