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couple (idiom)

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couple (1-character)
couple (2-character)

a pair of lovebirds
inseparable king bird
two lovebirds flying ever together

loving couple
devoted couple
affectionate couple

a perfect couple
a doomed couple
born of a couple
meant for each other
match made in heaven

a heaven-made match
a match blessed by God
a match made in heaven

God's lovers
an ideal couple
a wonderful match
lovers matched by God

eternal harmony in marriage
marriage in harmony lasting forever
lifelong happiness and perfect harmony

Hearts united together forever.
May you always Be of one heart.
Keep true lover's knot forever.

forever in love
Bathe in a river of love forever.
May you two always be in love!

Grow old together
reach old age together
live to old age in conjugal bliss
remain a devoted couple to the end

mutual sentiments
consensually fond of
sentiments between two lovers
deeply attached to each other

you and I in deep love
a lovey-dovey couple
(classic literary writing)

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