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control (1-character)

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control (2-character)

to control, dominate

to control, manage
take care of
pay attention to
interfere with

be in charge of
to control, direct, manage
to insist, persist in
maintain unyieldingly

to control
palm of hand

to govern, administer, manage
to control, regulate, put in order

to drive, control
imperial, royal

to control
to restrict
to prevail
set up
to establish
to institute

to clutch, grasp, grip
to repress, restrain, control
(classic literary symbol)

in charge of
preside over
governmental department
in control or with overall responsibility

to grasp, hold in hand
to rule, control, take charge of

to press, push down
to control, restrain

to restrain
press down
keep under control

to shrink, restrain
to control, arrange
to collect, gather
(classic literary symbol)

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