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in every way or as much as possible

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completely; orderly, set in order; equal, uniform, together
orderly, set in order
equal, uniform, together

completely, all, thoroughly; all, whole, entire, all over
completely, all, thoroughly
all, whole, entire, all over

whole, total, full; altogether, completely
whole, total, full
altogether, completely

realize completely; apprehend thoroughly; understand completely; supreme enlightenment
realize completely
apprehend thoroughly
understand completely
supreme enlightenment

all; completely

fully, thoroughly, completely
fully, thoroughly, completely

brand new; completely new
brand new
completely new

to finish, complete, accomplish; all, entirely, totally, completely, wholly
to finish, complete, accomplish
all, entirely, totally, completely, wholly

radical cure; cure completely
radical cure
cure completely

fully healed; recover from illness; heal and recover completely
fully healed
recover from illness
heal and recover completely

clean; completely

translucently clear; completely clear and transparent of a liquid
translucently clear
(of a liquid) completely clear and transparent

completely destroy or waste
completely destroy or waste

vanish; disappear; disappear suddenly and completely
to vanish
to disappear
disappear suddenly and completely

metamorphosis; change qualitatively; change something completely
change qualitatively
change something completely

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