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care (2-character)

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care (1-character)

to concern
care about
to cause concern for (someone)

to care
to solicitude
concern about
loving care for

loving care for
care and cherish
concern and love

care for
highly favored
favored and blessed

look after
take care of
to patronize
show consideration

mind one's family
responsible to family
look after one's family
take good care of one's family

protect and care
take good care of

to care
to cherish
take good care of
give kind protection

worry about
concerned about

Take care!
(used when saying goodbye)
take care of oneself
take good care of one's health

plant and cultivate
cultivate and nourish
prepare a person's career

benevolent heart
kindness and concern

mother's love
maternal love

maternal instincts

to adopt
take in and bring up

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