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begin, beginning (1-character)

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begin, beginning (Chinese words)

start; beginning; inception

initial, first time; at the beginning of; in the early part of
initial, first time
at the beginning of
in the early part of

start; begin; open; inspire; enlighten
to start
to begin
to open
to inspire
to enlighten

original; the beginning
the beginning

rise, get up, stand up; start, begin, establish
to rise, get up, stand up
to start, begin, establish

begin, start, initiate; occur, happen, take place
to begin, start, initiate
to occur, happen, take place

new, newly; up-to-date; beginning, starting
new, newly
beginning, starting

prosperous, thriving, popular; begin, start, launch, promote
prosperous, thriving, popular
to begin, start, launch, promote

devise; begin, originate
to devise
to begin, originate

head; beginning; first, leading
first, leading

the beginning; preface, foreword
the beginning
preface, foreword

beginning; new moon; the first day of the lunar month
new moon
the first day of the lunar month

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