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(multi-character Chinese words)

another time; once more;
returning to a previous position or condition;
in addition to what has already been mentioned

again (see 1-character Chinese symbols)

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rise again; return to power; stage a comeback; success after failure; resume former superiority
rise again
return to power
stage a comeback
success after failure
resume former superiority

come again; Thanks for coming; Please come again next time
come again
(Thanks for coming)
(Please) come again next time

Again! one more time
one more time

Goodbye; See you again
See you again

See you again; We'll meet again some day
See you again.
We'll meet again some day.

no more; no longer; never again
no more
no longer
never again

rebirth; born again; new lease of life
born again
new lease of life

rebuild; reconstruct; reestablish
to rebuild
to reconstruct
to reestablish

meet again; together again; have a reunion
meet again
together again
have a reunion

repeat; do something again or more than once
to repeat
do something again
or more than once

plead repeatedly; urge again and again
plead repeatedly
urge again and again

to recycle; use again; convert into reusable material
to recycle
use again
convert into reusable material

become young again; recover one's youthful vigor
become young again
recover one's youthful vigor

steeled over and over again; severe training and hammering
steeled over and over again
severe training and hammering

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