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Friends and Gallery

If you ever used Andres Leo's Chinese Translation Service
to create any artistic work, you are most welcome to
post your art design and profile link
on our Friends and Gallery page for appreciation.

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courtesy of: Michael Shackleford (March, 2018)

Michael Shackleford also known as "The Wizard of Odds"
is an American mathematician and an actuary,
best known for his professional analysis of
the mathematics of the casino games.

courtesy of: Carol Hill (May, 2015)

the author of Children's book: The Dragon Princess

courtesy of: Beth & Lynn Stefani (October, 2009)

We're fine jewelers creating fine jewelry.

Your art design inspiration in classic Chinese words and verses!
Design ideas for Kung Fu, Martial art teaching and learning,
Tattoo, Engraving design, Congratulation cards, Epitaph, grave markers,
Your poetry, blog articles, websites, letters, special messages...
in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters
to reach more potential Chinese readers worldwide.