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1-character Chinese tattoo collection
rapport; serendipity; affinity; relationship by fate; predestined relationship; to move along; brink, edge, fringe
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are slightly different!)

simplified Chinese symbol: rapport; serendipity; affinity; relationship by fate; predestined relationship; to move along; brink, edge, fringe
(simplified Chinese symbol)

The meanings in Chinese:


affinity, rapport

relationship by fate

predestined relationship

to move along

brink, edge, fringe

related keywords:

pronunciation: yuán yuan~2

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calligraphic strokes animation:

multi-style calligraphic fonts for this symbol:

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recommended words or phrases:

genesis, inspiration, beginning, origin of a story
origin of a story

cause, reason, whys and wherefores
whys and wherefores

serendipity, relationship by fate, predestined relationship
relationship by fate
predestined relationship
fate that brings people together

predestined relationship
predestined relationship

wonderful serendipity
wonderful serendipity

popularity, geniality with people
geniality with people
relations with people

lineage, consanguinity, blood relation
blood relation
ties of blood

serendipity, virtuous karma
virtuous karma

fortunate serendipity, chance of good fortune
fortunate serendipity
chance of good fortune
predestined good luck

good luck, lucky chance, chance and opportunity
good luck
lucky chance
chance and opportunity

making friends, form ties of relationship
making friends
form ties of relationship
associate on good connection
lay the basis for future relationship

hit it off, congenial each other
hit it off
congenial each other

let it be, comply with destiny, follow the serendipity
let it be
leave it to fate
comply with destiny
follow the serendipity

rapport, serendipity, brought together by fate
mutual affinity
destined affection
brought together by fate

Fate brings people together thousand miles apart
Fate brings people together thousand miles apart.

serendipity of love, predestination of love
serendipity of love
predestination of love

happy match, good karma of love
happy match
harmonious match
good karma of love

long distance destined marriage, two beings destined to marry each other
long distance destined marriage
thousands of miles marriage accompany
two beings destined to marry each other

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