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1-character Chinese tattoo collection
enlighten, awareness
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:

to enlighten


awake to Zen

come to realize

realize the truth

related keywords:
awake, awaken
aware, awareness
come, coming

pronunciation: wu~4

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calligraphic strokes animation:
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recommended words or phrases:

power of comprehension, capacity for understanding
power of comprehension
capacity for understanding

enlightenment, realize the truth
realize the truth
awaken of Tao

awaken of Zen
awaken of Zen

awakening to Zen, enlightening to Zen
awakening to Zen
enlightening to Zen

enlightenment of Zen
realization to truth
enlightenment of Zen

enlightened fully, awakening thoroughly
enlightened fully
awakening thoroughly

realize completely, apprehend thoroughly
realize completely
apprehend thoroughly
understand completely
supreme enlightenment

wake up to reality, understand clearly
to realize
wake up to reality
understand clearly
come to oneself

wake up to reality, realize the truth
wake up to reality
realize the truth
come to oneself

awareness, consciousness
awakened to the truth
Buddhist enlightenment

repentant, remorseful

gradual enlightenment, realize the Zen gradually
gradual enlightenment
realize the Zen gradually

realize suddenly, moment of enlightenment
realize suddenly
sudden realization
flash of realization
moment of enlightenment

come to realize, understand thoroughly
grasp mentally
come to realize
understand thoroughly

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