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the quality or state of being true;
that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality

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fact; truth; reality

truth; fact; real situation
real situation

truth, real truth, righteousness
real truth

true meaning; real essence
true meaning
real essence

true, good, and beautiful; truth, goodness, and beauty
true, good, and beautiful
truth, goodness, and beauty

truth, significance, the true meaning
truth, significance
the true meaning

to enlighten, awareness, awake to Zen, come to realize, realize the truth
to enlighten
awake to Zen
come to realize
realize the truth

enlightenment; awaken of Tao; realize the truth
awaken of Tao
realize the truth

realization to truth; enlightenment of Zen
realization to truth
enlightenment of Zen

awareness; consciousness; awakened to the truth; Buddhist enlightenment
awakened to the truth
Buddhist enlightenment

wake up to reality, realize the truth, come to oneself
wake up to reality
realize the truth
come to oneself

gift of talent; root of wisdom; talented nature; root of wisdom that can lead one to truth and enlightenment
gift of talent
root of wisdom
talented nature
root of wisdom that can lead one
to truth and enlightenment

Buddha's Dharma eye; sharp vision insight into truth; keen eyes seeing through truth
Buddha's Dharma eye
sharp vision insight into truth
keen eyes seeing through truth

lie detection; deception detection; polygraph test
lie detection
deception detection
polygraph test

honest; tell the truth; to admit; confess; a confession
tell the truth
to admit
to confess
a confession

proof; evidence

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