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1-character Chinese tattoo collection
good, goodness, virtuous, virtue
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:

virtuous, virtue

good, goodness

righteousness, satisfactory

to improve

to perfect

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pronunciation: shàn shan~4

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recommended words or phrases:

good and evil
good and evil

kind-hearted, good-natured

skillful and intelligent, awesome and clever
skillful and intelligent
awesome and clever

excellent choice
excellent choice

samaritan, philanthropist

charitable heart, compassionate heart
charitable heart
compassionate heart

good will
good will
good intention

good deed, philanthropic act
good deed
philanthropic act

good karma, Virtue has its reward
good karma
Virtue has its reward.

serendipity, virtuous karma
virtuous karma

charity, beneficence

do good deeds, practice charity
do good deeds
practice charity
show mercy
do charitable works

subtle and kind, wonderful goodness
subtle and kind
nice and cordial
wonderful goodness

kindhearted, kind and friendly
kind and friendly
goodness and virtue

proper, appropriate

supreme good, highest level of virtue
supreme good
summum bonum
highest level of virtue

reform, improve oneself
improve oneself
proceed to the virtue

improve, ameliorate
to better
to improve
to ameliorate

true, good, and beautiful
true, good, and beautiful
truth, goodness, and beauty

follow good advice readily
follow good advice readily
willingly follow what is right

insist on the righteous cause
insist on the righteous cause
choose what is good and hold fast to it

happy in doing good for charity
happy in doing good for charity
willing to do good and give alms

doing good deeds brings the greatest joy
doing good deeds brings the greatest joy
doing good is the greatest source of happiness

benevolent toward others, aim at helping others
benevolent toward others
aim at helping others
doing for the good of others
good intentions toward others

conduct oneself virtuously
conduct oneself virtuously
preserve one's own purity

perfectly satisfactory, very perfection of beauty
perfectly satisfactory
acme of perfection
very perfection of beauty
best of all possible worlds
good and beautiful perfectly

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