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Chinese symbol Fortune, Good Fortune Chinese symbol Spring, Spring season Chinese symbol forever, eternal, everlasting Chinese symbol faith, trust, believe Chinese symbol Righteousness, justice, loyalty Chinese symbol: brave, heroic, courageous Chinese symbol: wit, wise, wisdom Chinese symbol: true, real, genuine Chinese symbol: Love Chinese symbol: Peace
Fortune | Spring | Forever | Faith | Righteousness | Brave | Wise | True | Love | Peace
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world, generation
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

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pronunciation: shì shi~4

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Chinese symbol for world, generation

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whole world
whole world

world record
world record

World Peace
World Peace

doomsday, end of the world
end of the world

globetrotting, travel around the world, Around The World Tours
travel around the world
Around The World Tours

Elysium, Sukhavati, Western Paradise
Western Paradise

century, 100 years
a century
100 years

Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament
the first book of the Old Testament

aristocratic family, old and well-known family
aristocratic family
old and well-known family

generation, era, epoch
era, epoch

alternation of generations, from generation to generation
alternation of generations
from generation to generation

benefit the world, help the world
benefit the world
help the world

save the world
save the world

Savior, Messiah

Salvation Army
Salvation Army

peerless, unrivaled, matchless, unparalleled, incomparable

peerless hero, hero of the age, greatest hero in the world
peerless hero
hero of the age
greatest hero in the world

strove with none, stand aloof from worldly success, hold oneself aloof from the world, harmony with the rest of the world
strove with none
stand aloof from worldly success
hold oneself aloof from the world
harmony with the rest of the world

philosophy of life, ways of the world, deal with people, associate with people, get along with people, conduct oneself in society
philosophy of life
ways of the world
deal with people
associate with people
get along with people
conduct oneself in society

recluse, live in seclusion, apart from society, withdraw from society
live in seclusion
apart from society
withdraw from society

this lifetime, this present life, this present life for eternal love
this lifetime
this present life
this present life for eternal love

reincarnation, transmigration

past life, previous life, previous incarnation, a hypothetical existence prior to the present one
past life
previous life
previous incarnation
a hypothetical existence prior to the present one

afterlife, next life, life after death, next world to come, next life of incarnation
next life
life after death
next world to come
next life of incarnation

to be born, descend to earth, come to the world
to be born
descend to earth
come to the world