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wipe out
to destroy completely

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remove; wipe out, get rid of
to remove
wipe out, get rid of

wipe out a disgrace; clear from an accusation
wipe out a disgrace
clear from an accusation

snow; to avenge; wipe out grievance
to avenge
wipe out grievance

revenge an insult; wipe out a humiliation
revenge an insult
wipe out a humiliation

wipe out; destroy; exterminate
wipe out
to destroy
to exterminate

to annihilate, exterminate
to annihilate, exterminate

wipe out the enemy; annihilate enemy troops
wipe out the enemy
annihilate enemy troops

exterminate, wipe out; sweep with a broom
exterminate, wipe out
sweep with a broom

wipe out; tear down; exterminate
wipe out
tear down
to exterminate

weed out, wipe out; to extirpate, exterminate
to weed out, wipe out
to extirpate, exterminate

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