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try earnestly or persistently to persuade doing something

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urge (1-character)


to inspire; encourage; arouse and encourage
to inspire
to encourage
arouse and encourage

encourage; urge spiritually; hearten someone
urge spiritually
hearten someone

inspire, inspirit, hearten, enliven, cheer up, keep someone spirits up
to inspire
to inspirit
to hearten
to enliven
cheer up
keep (someone) spirits up

urge on, push forward, supervise and urge, strongly encourage
urge on
push forward
supervise and urge
strongly encourage

spur on, urge on
spur on
urge on

urge persistently, pressurize continually, keep pressing somebody to do something
urge persistently
pressurize continually
keep pressing somebody to do something

drive, propel, actuate, push forwards
to drive
to propel
to actuate
push forwards

impetus; driving force; actuating force
driving force
actuating force

acute spirit; dashing spirit; determined urge
acute spirit
dashing spirit
determined urge

plead repeatedly; urge again and again
plead repeatedly
urge again and again

appeal; request sincerely; serious, urgent, or heartfelt request
request sincerely
serious, urgent, or heartfelt request

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