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unlikely to be swayed;
not giving way to pressure

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tough, hard, solid, sturdy, unyielding
tough, hard, solid, sturdy, unyielding

perseverance; sturdy and perseverant; tough and determined; resolute and steadfast
sturdy and perseverant
tough and determined
resolute and steadfast

fortitude; unyielding; firm and resolute; tough and strong; courage in adversity
firm and resolute
tough and strong
courage in adversity

indomitable, tenacious, fortitudinous, unyielding, unconquerable, unable to subdue or defeat easily

stubborn, obstinate, unyielding, unbending, wayward

tough and strong; brave and strong; staunch and strong; resolute and sturdy; unyielding and tough
tough and strong
brave and strong
staunch and strong
resolute and sturdy
unyielding and tough

unyielding loyalty, chaste and faithful, staunch and faithful, unwavering chastity, loyal through thick and thin
unyielding loyalty
chaste and faithful
staunch and faithful
unwavering chastity
loyal through thick and thin

insist, persist; persevere in; continue upholding; maintain unyieldingly; remain committed to
to insist
to persist
persevere in
continue upholding
maintain unyieldingly
remain committed to

maintain unyieldingly, to insist, persist in, be in charge of, control, direct, manage
maintain unyieldingly
to insist, persist in
be in charge of
to control, direct, manage

endure, hold out against, stand upright, stand erect or straight, tough, unyielding
to endure
hold out against
stand upright
stand erect or straight
tough, unyielding

proud; haughty; overbearing; unyielding

moral integrity; courageous spirit; unyielding character; strength of character; perseverant character
moral integrity
courageous spirit
unyielding character
strength of character
perseverant character

bone; strong character; unyielding willpower
strong character
unyielding willpower

never yield; never give in
never yield
never give in

use softness to conquer toughness; conquering the unyielding with the yielding
use softness to conquer toughness
conquering the unyielding with the yielding

cruel, ruthless; resolute, unyielding
cruel, ruthless
resolute, unyielding

capable and vigorous; strong and unyielding
capable and vigorous
strong and unyielding

tough guy, dauntless and unyielding man
tough guy
dauntless and unyielding man

tough guy, unyielding integrity, staunch and steadfast, dauntless and unyielding
tough guy
unyielding integrity
staunch and steadfast
dauntless and unyielding

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