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unrestrained (1-character)

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unrestrained (Chinese words)

crazy, mad; wild, unrestrained
crazy, mad
wild, unrestrained

wild, naughty; unruly, unrestrained
wild, naughty
unruly, unrestrained

heroic person, generous and open-minded, vigorous and unrestrained, bold and unconstrained, liberal and outspoken
heroic person
generous and open-minded
vigorous and unrestrained
bold and unconstrained
liberal and outspoken

raise high, unrestrained, untrammeled
raise high

waves, billows, dissolute, unrestrained
waves, billows
dissolute, unrestrained

to flood, inundate, overflow, everywhere, all over the place, free, casual, unrestrained
to flood, inundate, overflow
everywhere, all over the place
free, casual, unrestrained

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