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bring together for a common purpose or action

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be united; coordinate; joint together; bring into harmony
to be united
to coordinate
joint together
bring into harmony

all, together; to unite, gather into one; wholly, totally, generally
all, together
to unite, gather into one
wholly, totally, generally

combine; unite; gather; suit; agree with
to combine
to unite
to gather
to suit
agree with

combine, associate, integrate, get united, form an alliance
to combine
to associate
to integrate
get united
form an alliance

unity, unify, unite, solidarity, stick together, joined together, joined as a whole
to unify
to unite
stick together
joined together
joined as a whole

sincere solidarity; united in good faith; cooperate and unite with absolute sincerity
sincere solidarity
united in good faith
cooperate and unite with absolute sincerity

to unite, connect; join, ally with
to unite, connect
to join, ally with

to ally; unite; join together; league together
to ally
to unite
join together
league together

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