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understand (1-character)

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understand (Chinese words)

know, be aware of; recognize, understand
know, be aware of
recognize, understand

clear, apparent; to know, understand
clear, apparent
to know, understand

understand; comprehend; to know, realize
to understand
to comprehend
to know, realize

enlighten; comprehend; awareness; awake to Zen; come to realize; realize the truth; quick to understand
to enlighten
to comprehend
awake to Zen
come to realize
realize the truth
quick to understand

to realize, understand; solution of problem
to realize, understand
solution of problem

to understand; clear and bright
to understand
clear and bright

know, understand; finish, settle
know, understand
finish, settle

oh; I see; an exclamation
I see
an exclamation

to understand; to be aware of
to understand
to be aware of

to know, understand; to tell, explain, let know
to know, understand
to tell, explain, let know

to realize, understand; to awake, rouse
to realize, understand
to awake, rouse

get, receive, understand
to get, receive, understand

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