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a great victory or achievement

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to win, triumph, victory, success
to win
to triumph

victory; triumph; success

to triumph; win the day; win a victory; achieve a victory
to triumph
win the day
win a victory
achieve a victory

to defeat; vanquish; win a battle; triumph over; prevail against
to defeat
to vanquish
win a battle
triumph over
prevail against

continue the triumphant pursuit; continue one's victorious pursuit; follow up a victory with hot pursuit; exploit the victories by hot pursuit
continue the triumphant pursuit
continue one's victorious pursuit
follow up a victory with hot pursuit
exploit the victories by hot pursuit

victory; triumph

return in triumph; triumphant return
return in triumph
triumphant return

song of triumph; song of victory
song of triumph
song of victory

triumphant; daring and energetic; ambition and energy; high-spirited and vigorous
daring and energetic
ambition and energy
high-spirited and vigorous

jubilation, great rejoicing, triumphant elation
great rejoicing
triumphant elation

festival mood; joyful atmosphere; expressing great happiness and triumph
festival mood
joyful atmosphere
expressing great happiness and triumph

victory, triumph; agile, prompt, quick, swift
victory, triumph
agile, prompt, quick, swift

victory bulletin; news of victory; report of a success
victory bulletin
news of victory
report of a success

triumphal feast, celebrate a success or victory
triumphal feast
celebrate a success or victory

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