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showing willingness to allow the opinions
or behaviour that one does not necessarily agree with

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tolerant, tolerate, bear and forgive, bear with each other
to tolerate
bear and forgive
bear with each other

forgiving, merciful; tolerant, tolerance; lenient, lenience; forbearing, indulgent
forgiving, merciful
tolerant, tolerance
lenient, lenience
forbearing, indulgent

tolerant, compatible, consistent

graceful and generous; composed and tolerant; elegant and magnanimous; tolerant magnanimous mind
graceful and generous
composed and tolerant
elegant and magnanimous
tolerant magnanimous mind

understanding; sympathetic awareness; tolerant sympathetically
sympathetic awareness
tolerant sympathetically

kind and sincere; honest and kind; honest and tolerant; sincere and kindly; honest and considerate
kind and sincere
honest and kind
honest and tolerant
sincere and kindly
honest and considerate

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