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moving in one side and out of the other side;
continuing in time towards completion of a process

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go through, to connect, lead to, open up by poking, to communicate, know a language
go through
to connect, lead to
open up by poking
to communicate

penetrate through, pierce through
penetrate through
pierce through

pass, go across, across, through, spend time, pass time
across, through
to pass, go across
spend time, pass time

endure; survive; put up with; undergo difficulties; live through hardships
to endure
to survive
put up with
undergo difficulties
live through hardships

all night; the whole night; all through the night
all night
the whole night
all through the night

to drill, bore; get into, go through; make one's way into
to drill, bore
get into, go through
make one's way into

cause, reason; from, by or through
cause, reason
from, by or through

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