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talk (1-character)

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talk (Chinese words)

say, tell; talk, speak
to say, tell
to talk, speak

to chat, talk, converse
to chat, talk, converse

tell, talk; say, speak; explain, discuss
to tell, talk
to say, speak
to explain, discuss

speech, words; to say, talk, speak
speech, words
to say, talk, speak

tell, talk, narrate; describe, express, recount
to tell, talk, narrate
to describe, express, recount

talk, speech
to talk

sweet words; smooth talking
sweet words
smooth talking

talk in sleep
talk in sleep

talkative; fond of talking
fond of talking

voluble; garrulous; loquacious

fussy; talkative; to chatter; noisiness
to chatter

to chirp; talk indistinctly in a low voice
to chirp
talk indistinctly in a low voice

chatter - onomatopoeia

to chatter
to chatter

to chatter; chatter away; talk endlessly
to chatter
chatter away
talk endlessly

to whisper; garrulous; talk quietly
to whisper
talk quietly

chattering; talk indistinctly and falteringly
talk indistinctly and falteringly

to quarrel; wrangle; dispute; disturb; brawl; talk very loudly; noisy
to quarrel
to wrangle
to dispute
to disturb
to brawl
talk very loudly noisy

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