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having a natural aptitude or skill for something

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handsome, good-looking, talented, superior

talented and superior; handsome and refined; intelligent and remarkable
talented and superior
handsome and refined
intelligent and remarkable

outstanding leader; talented and superior person
outstanding leader
talented and superior person

tall and handsome; superior and great; pre-eminently talented
tall and handsome
superior and great
pre-eminently talented

a talent; person of ability; talented person; distinguished person
a talent
person of ability
talented person
distinguished person

talented woman; gifted female scholar; a woman full of talent; a woman with brilliance of mind
talented woman
gifted female scholar
a woman full of talent
a woman with brilliance of mind

talented man; gifted male scholar; a man full of talent; a man with brilliance of mind
talented man
gifted male scholar
a man full of talent
a man with brilliance of mind

able and virtuous; talented and virtuous
able and virtuous
talented and virtuous

gift of talent; root of wisdom; talented nature
gift of talent
root of wisdom
talented nature

profound in meaning; talented, outstanding, extraordinary
profound in meaning
talented, outstanding, extraordinary

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