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swift (1-character)

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swift (Chinese words)

fast, quick; rapid, prompt, swift
fast, quick
rapid, prompt, swift

swift, fast; quick, rapid, prompt
swift, fast
quick, rapid, prompt

agile, prompt, quick, swift; victory, triumph
agile, prompt, quick, swift
victory, triumph

running fast of dogs, swift, quick, rapid, storm, gale, hurricane
running fast
(said of dogs)
swift, quick, rapid
storm, gale, hurricane

to gallop, to speed, go swiftly
to gallop
to speed, go swiftly

valiant, brave, galloping, swift, yellowish white horse
valiant, brave
galloping, swift
yellowish white horse

nimble, swift, agile
nimble, swift, agile

steed, fine horse, swift horse, spirited horse
steed, fine horse
swift horse, spirited horse

fly swiftly
fly swiftly

to run, move, go swiftly, leave, depart, go away
to run, move, go swiftly
to leave, depart, go away

rapid, swift, prompt, sudden, abrupt, unexpected
rapid, swift, prompt
sudden, abrupt, unexpected

swiftly, quickly, to hurry, to and fro, coming and going frequently and swiftly
swiftly, quickly
to hurry, to and fro
coming and going frequently and swiftly

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