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support (1-character)

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support (Chinese words)

to prop up; support, sustain
to prop up
to support, sustain

to hold, grasp; keep, maintain; support, uphold
to hold, grasp
to keep, maintain
to support, uphold

to support, assist; help, aid; praise, commend
to support, assist
to help, aid
to praise, commend

to support; stand upright; stand erect or straight
to support
stand upright
stand erect or straight

to support; prop up
to support
prop up

support with hand
support with hand

help by the arm; support with hand
help by the arm
support with hand

to bear, hold, support; continue, carry on; inherit, receive, succeed
to bear, hold, support
to continue, carry on
to inherit, receive, succeed

to support; to erect, set up; rack, shelf, stand
to support
to erect, set up
rack, shelf, stand

money, capital, resource, expense; to provide, support, supply
money, capital, resource, expense
to provide, support, supply

to support, supply; provide for
to support, supply
to provide for

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