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experience or be subjected to
something bad or unpleasant

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eat, suffer, sustain
to eat
to suffer
to sustain

bear hardships; suffer hardships; endure hardships; have a rough time; live through hardships
bear hardships
suffer hardships
endure hardships
have a rough time
live through hardships

to bear; endure; sustain
to bear
to endure
to sustain

to cook, stew, endure, suffer, worn down by worries, cares
to cook, stew
to endure, suffer
worn down by worries, cares

endure; suffer from
to endure
suffer from

suffer; endure
to suffer
to endure

to bear, endure, forbear, tolerate; suffer something painful or difficult patiently
to bear
to endure
to forbear
to tolerate
suffer something painful or difficult patiently

meet with misfortune, suffer, befall, fall through
meet with misfortune
suffer, befall, fall through

suffer from; misery, anxiety; trouble, danger, misfortune
suffer from
misery, anxiety
trouble, danger, misfortune

to suffer, sorrow
to suffer, sorrow

suffer from a disease
suffer from a disease

ashamed, shameful; conscience-stricken; suffer pains of conscience
ashamed, shameful
suffer pains of conscience

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