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make or become stronger

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to strengthen; enhance; reinforce; invigorate; strengthen and improve; give strength or energy to
to strengthen
to enhance
to reinforce
to invigorate
strengthen and improve
give strength or energy to

solidify; strengthen; consolidate
to solidify
to strengthen
to consolidate

forge, steel and temper, harden and strengthen
to forge
steel and temper
harden and strengthen

strengthen and improve; fully developing one's abilities or character
strengthen and improve
fully developing one's abilities or character

strong, robust, vigorous; to strengthen
to strengthen

a sport involving strenuous
physical exercise in order to
strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the body

Iron palm kung fu
Iron palm (kung fu)
(strengthen the palm in hot iron sand)

Iron head kung fu
Iron head (kung fu)
(strengthen the forehead to
hit the opponent's face or head)

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