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take without permission or legal right;
move somewhere quietly or surreptitiously

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to steal
to steal

to steal, pilfer
to steal, pilfer

burglary, to steal, rob
to steal, rob

五戒, five precepts in Buddhism, 殺 harming living beings, 盜 stealing, 淫 sexual misconduct, 妄 lying or gossip, 酒 intoxication
five precepts in Buddhism

殺 harming living beings
盜 stealing
淫 sexual misconduct
妄 lying or gossip
酒 intoxication

pickpocket; steal from the pockets of someone
steal from the pockets of someone

to plunder, pillage
to plunder
to pillage

to rob, steal, plunder
to rob, steal, plunder

stealthy, tricky, furtive
stealthy, tricky, furtive

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