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speech, lecture, give a lecture, deliver an address
give a lecture
deliver an address

say, tell; talk, speak
to say, tell
to talk, speak

fluent; speak fluently
speak fluently

talks, words, speeches, language, dialect, spoken words
talks, words, speeches
language, dialect, spoken words

speech, words; to say, talk, speak
speech, words
to say, talk, speak

to say, speak; language, speech, dialect
to say, speak
language, speech, dialect

words, lyrics; speech, statement; vocabulary, words and phrases
words, lyrics
speech, statement
vocabulary, words and phrases

accent; speech; tune, melody
tune, melody

to stammer, slow of speech
to stammer
slow of speech

falter in speech; move the mouth when speaking
falter in speech
move the mouth when speaking

cat purr; indistinct speech sound
cat purr
indistinct speech sound

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