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feeling or showing grief

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sad, sorrowful, sadness, sorrow, feel compassion for
sad, sorrowful
sadness, sorrow
feel compassion for

sorrowful, mournful, melancholy

sad, miserable, wretched; grieved, sorrowful, afflicted
sad, miserable, wretched
grieved, sorrowful, afflicted

sad, sorrowful
sad, sorrowful

grief, sorrowfully; bitterly, anguish
grief, sorrowfully
bitterly, anguish

feel sorry for, regret sorrowfully; lament some loss, mishap
feel sorry for
regret sorrowfully
lament some loss, mishap

sad, sorrowful; having opinions but cannot speak
sad, sorrowful
having opinions but cannot speak

mournful, sorrowful; concerned, solicitous
mournful, sorrowful
concerned, solicitous

sad, wretched, miserable, tragic, sorrowful, desolate
sad, wretched, miserable
tragic, sorrowful, desolate

quiet, lonely, desolate; grievous, sad, sorrowful
quiet, lonely, desolate
grievous, sad, sorrowful

worried, sorrowful, upright, honest and just
worried, sorrowful
upright, honest and just

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