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sing (1-character)

to sing; sing songs
to sing
sing songs

to sing; chant
to sing
to chant


Beijing opera; Chinese opera
Beijing opera
Chinese opera

voice of singing, sound of singing
voice of singing
sound of singing

to extol; eulogize; sing praises; praise in song
to extol
to eulogize
sing praises
praise in song

singer; vocalist

to eulogize, sing the praises, paeon of praise, celebrate in song
to eulogize
sing the praises
paeon of praise
celebrate in song
praise enthusiastically

love song
love song

singing; vocal performance; sing in a performance; performance of a singer
vocal performance
sing in a performance
performance of a singer

vocal recital; singing concert
vocal recital
singing concert

chorus; sing together; sing in chorus
sing together
sing in chorus

vocal music
vocal music

extol, praise, eulogize, chant the praises of, sing somebody's merits
to extol
to praise
to eulogize
chant the praises of
sing somebody's merits


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