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carefully choose as being the best or most suitable

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choose, choice, select, selection, elect, election
choose, choice
select, selection
elect, election

well-chosen; best selection; excellent choice; choose the best
best selection
excellent choice
choose the best

choose, choice, select, selection
choose, choice
select, selection

select, choose
to select, choose

to pick, select
to pick, select

pick, select, choose
to pick
to select
to choose

open audition; select officially
open audition
select officially

screen out, examine and select closely
screen out
examine and select closely

get, take, select
to get
to take
to select

to select; pick, pluck
to select
to pick, pluck

select, choose; pick something up
to select, choose
pick something up

picky eater; fussy eater; food neophobia; ill-balanced feeding
picky eater
fussy eater
food neophobia
ill-balanced feeding

select, pluck; collect, gather
to select, pluck
to collect, gather

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