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take hold of suddenly and forcibly;
take an opportunity eagerly and decisively

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to seize, catch; arrest, capture
to seize, catch
to arrest, capture

catch and grapple arts; seizing-and-grappling arts; capturing and grappling skills
catch and grapple arts
seizing-and-grappling arts
capturing and grappling skills

take, seize; hold, grasp
to take, seize
to hold, grasp

to grab, grasp, seize; catch, arrest
to grab
to grasp
to seize
to catch
to arrest

carpe diem; Grasp today; seize the day
carpe diem
Grasp today
seize the day

seize, wrest, take away by force
to seize
to wrest
take away by force

to seize, grab, clutch
to seize, grab, clutch

to grasp, seize
to grasp, seize

to occupy, seize
to occupy, seize

to draw, pull, seize, arm in arm
to draw
to pull
to seize
arm in arm

to seize, clutch, hold tight, give a hard tug
to seize, clutch
hold tight
give a hard tug

hold, seize, incite, challenge, suppress, restrain
to hold, seize
to incite
to challenge
to suppress, restrain

to catch, capture; seize, clutch
to catch, capture
to seize, clutch

to catch, seize, arrest
to catch, seize, arrest

to arrest, seize
to arrest, seize

seized with terror; terrified, panic-stricken
seized with terror
terrified, panic-stricken

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