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satisfy, satisfied, satisfaction

satisfied and happy; happy and contented; pleasant and contented; have found one's inner peace; happy and pleased with oneself
satisfied and happy
happy and contented
pleasant and contented
have found one's inner peace
happy and pleased with oneself

satisfied; fulfill one's desire; after one's own heart; satisfy one's expectations
fulfill one's desire
after one's own heart
satisfy one's expectations

cheerful, content, satisfied
content, satisfied

easy and comfortable, pleased and satisfied
easy and comfortable
pleased and satisfied

set at ease, to be satisfied; peaceful, serenity, tranquility
set at ease
to be satisfied
peaceful, serenity, tranquility

fitting, suitable, comfortable, contented, satisfied
fitting, suitable
comfortable, contented, satisfied

get, gain, obtain, fit, proper, satisfied
get, gain, obtain
fit, proper, satisfied

very satisfied, pleased with oneself, pride oneself on something
very satisfied
pleased with oneself
pride oneself on something

self-satisfied, self-contented, content with one's lot, feel satisfied with oneself
content with one's lot
feel satisfied with oneself

satisfied heartily; perfectly contented; euphoric and contented; contented wholeheartedly
satisfied heartily
perfectly contented
euphoric and contented
contented wholeheartedly

satisfy both sides; satisfactory to both sides; accommodate both demands
satisfy both sides
satisfactory to both sides
accommodate both demands

a win-win solution, everybody is satisfied, complete in both respects, accommodate both demands
a win-win solution
everybody is satisfied
complete in both respects
accommodate both demands

fulfilled; satisfied and happy; full and interesting
satisfied and happy
full and interesting

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