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deep respect for someone or something

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reverent, respectful; dutiful, ceremonious
reverent, respectful
dutiful, ceremonious

respectful; reverent; reverential; deferential; with great respect
with great respect

to respect; honor; salute; revere; venerate
to respect
to honor
to salute
to revere
to venerate

respect; revere; venerate; esteem; admire deeply; reverence; veneration
to respect
to revere
to venerate
to esteem
admire deeply

uphold, esteem, venerate, honor and admire, hold in reverence, reverente mental atitude
to uphold
to esteem
to venerate
honor and admire
hold in reverence
reverente mental atitude

revere; esteem; venerate; respect and admire; have high regard for; regard with great respect
to revere
to esteem
to venerate
respect and admire
have high regard for
regard with great respect

to honor, revere, adore; pay respects to
to honor, revere, adore
pay respects to

worship; show reverence and adoration for
show reverence and adoration for

to worship; pay respects to; prostrate in reverence
to worship
pay respects to
prostrate in reverence

look up; face upward; to adore, admire or revere
look up
face upward
to adore, admire or revere

discreet and reverent; scrupulously and respectfully
discreet and reverent
scrupulously and respectfully

flying; help, assist; reverence, respectful
to help, assist
reverence, respectful

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