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prevent someone from doing something;
keep under control or within limits

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restrain; forbear; refrain; control oneself; keep under control; refrain from doing
to restrain
to forbear
to refrain
control oneself
keep under control
refrain from doing

willpower; power of meditation; control deliberately to restrain one's own impulses
power of meditation
control deliberately to
restrain one's own impulses

volition; willpower; determination; the power to make your own decisions
the power to make your own decisions

self-restraint; self-possession; virtue of patience
virtue of patience

reserved, restrained
reserved, restrained

reserved; self-restrained

polite and restrained; serene and composed
polite and restrained
serene and composed

keep down; curb, repress; restrain, restrict
keep down
to curb, repress
to restrain, restrict

press, push down; control, restrain
to press, push down
to control, restrain

to restrain; press down; keep under control
to restrain
press down
keep under control

to tie; bind; restraint
to tie
to bind

bind, confine, restrain
to bind, confine, restrain

unrestrained; without restraint
without restraint

struggle; make forceful efforts to get free of restraint
make forceful efforts
to get free of restraint

to restrain; rope, cord
to restrain
rope, cord

confined, restricted; restrained, inflexible
confined, restricted
restrained, inflexible

clutch, grasp, grip; repress, restrain, control
to clutch, grasp, grip
to repress, restrain, control

to shrink, restrain
to shrink, restrain

restrain; imprison; hold in custody
to restrain
to imprison
hold in custody

fetters; a chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner
a chain or manacle
used to restrain a prisoner

to save, reduce; restrain, suppress
to save, reduce
to restrain, suppress

restrain, economize
to restrain, economize

to restrain; keep within limits
to restrain
keep within limits

hold, seize; suppress, restrain
to hold, seize
to suppress, restrain

throw off restraint; carefree, unbridled; do as one pleases
throw off restraint
carefree, unbridled
do as one pleases

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