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enjoy greatly; great enjoyment

enjoy; relish
to enjoy
to relish

relish, bon appetit, enjoy the use of, enjoy the taste of, take pleasure from, use to one's satisfaction, possess and benefit from
to relish
bon app├ętit
enjoy the use of
enjoy the taste of
take pleasure from
use to one's satisfaction
possess and benefit from

enjoy; relish; possess and benefit from; take delight or pleasure in; enjoyment of ease and comfort
to enjoy
to relish
possess and benefit from
take delight or pleasure in
enjoyment of ease and comfort

flavor; aroma; relish; special flavor; taste and style of food
special flavor
taste and style of food

taste; flavor; relish; savor; distinctive taste; pleasant taste
distinctive taste
pleasant taste

gratifying, satisfy a craving, get a kick out of, enjoy immensely, relish oneself to the full
satisfy a craving
get a kick out of
enjoy immensely
relish oneself to the full

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