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relieve (1-character)

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relieve (Chinese words)

to ease, relieve; to lighten, unburden
to ease, relieve
to lighten, unburden

wide, broad, to extend, relax, relieve
wide, broad
to extend
to relax, relieve

to comfort, console; feel relieved; to pacify, soothe
to comfort
to console
feel relieved
to pacify, soothe

benefit, relieve, aid; various, varied, numerous
to benefit, relieve, aid
various, varied, numerous

to help, relieve; give aid and relief; to pity, sympathize
to help, relieve
give aid and relief
to pity, sympathize

to aid, relieve; hand out alms
to aid, relieve
hand out alms

to give, aid, relieve and help
to give, aid, relieve and help

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