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bring back into one's mind;

officially order someone to return to a place

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to recall, remember; retain in mind; recall to the mind; memory
to recall
to remember
retain in mind
recall to the mind

memory, to recall, recollect, think back, call to mind, recall the past
to recall
to recollect
think back
call to mind
recall the past

look back; retrospect, retrospection; review the past; survey of a past course of events
look back
to retrospect
review the past
survey of a past course of events

to recall, trace back, to pursue, chase after
to recall, trace back
to pursue, chase after

recall, recollect, reminisce, look back, call to mind
to recall
to recollect
to reminisce
to look back
call to mind

amnesia; memory loss; loss of memory; unable to remember new events or recall memories of the past
memory loss
loss of memory
unable to remember new events
or recall memories of the past

to review, recall, warm, lukewarm
to review, recall

go upstream, against the current, to trace, recall, recollect
go upstream
against the current
to trace, recall, recollect

to commemorate, to the memory of, in remembrance of
to commemorate
to the memory of
in remembrance of

recall fondly; commemorate; think of the past; cherish the memory of
recall fondly
to commemorate
think of the past
cherish the memory of

recollect suddenly; look back suddenly; call to mind unexpectedly
recollect suddenly
look back suddenly
call to mind unexpectedly

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