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quiet (1-character)

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quiet (Chinese words)

quiet, still, silent; calm, tranquility
quiet, still, silent
calm, tranquility

silent, quiet; speechless
silent, quiet

quiet, silent; lonesome, solitary
quiet, silent
lonesome, solitary

quiet, tranquil, serene; secluded, dim, secret, hidden
quiet, tranquil, serene
secluded, dim, secret, hidden

dark and quiet; distant and out of sight; too far away to be traced
dark and quiet
distant and out of sight
too far away to be traced

quiet, silent
quiet, silent

quiet and refined; graceful and quiet
quiet and refined
graceful and quiet

still, quiet, tranquil; pretty, beautiful, lovely
still, quiet, tranquil
pretty, beautiful, lovely

silent, quiet; serene, still
silent, quiet
serene, still

brahma; Buddhist; secluded; peace and quiet
peace and quiet

quiet, silent
quiet, silent

quiet, tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed; serious, grave, solemn, sedate
quiet, tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed
serious, grave, solemn, sedate

quiet, tranquil
quiet, tranquil

quiet, lonely, desolate; grievous, sad, sorrowful
quiet, lonely, desolate
grievous, sad, sorrowful

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