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not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material;

of a sound perfectly in tune and with a clear tone

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pure (1-character)




pure and genuine, pure and orthodox
pure and genuine
pure and orthodox

pure and naive, sincere and genuine, innocent and unsophisticated
pure and naive
sincere and genuine
innocent and unsophisticated

chaste; pure and clean
pure and clean

pure and angelical, chaste and virginal, immaculate and unsophisticated
pure and angelical
chaste and virginal
immaculate and unsophisticated

simple and pure, unpretending, unembellished
simple and pure

pure and naive; innocent and delicate
pure and naive
innocent and delicate

purified; clear-minded; clean and pure; peace and quiet of mood
clean and pure
peace and quiet of mood

Pure Land, Sukhavati, Land of the Pure, Paradise of the West, Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land
Pure Land
Land of the Pure
Paradise of the West
Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land

lucid mind; untroubled heart; clarify one's heart; cleanse one's heart
lucid mind
untroubled heart
clarify one's heart
cleanse one's heart

secluded, quiet and peaceful, tranquil and private
quiet and peaceful
tranquil and private

unworldly; unsophisticated; simple and modest; pure and sincere; sincere and honest
simple and modest
pure and sincere
sincere and honest

pure and honest; simple and kind; decent and magnanimous; honest and warm-hearted
pure and honest
simple and kind
decent and magnanimous
honest and warm-hearted

plainness; live a simple life; disregard fame and wealth; tranquil life without worldly desires
live a simple life
disregard fame and wealth
tranquil life without worldly desires

holy and pure, holy and immaculate
holy and pure
holy and immaculate

chastity, celibacy, pure and chaste, chaste and undefiled
pure and chaste
chaste and undefiled

pure heart; graceful mind; beautiful heart of woman
pure heart
graceful mind
beautiful heart of woman

jade girl; flawless girl; pure and graceful girl
jade girl
flawless girl
pure and graceful girl

Elysium, Elysian Field; Sukhavati; Western Paradis; the western pure land of Amitābha in Mahayana Buddhisme
Elysian Fields
Western Paradise
the western pure land
of Amitābha in Mahayana Buddhism

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