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Chinese words for Food, Cooking, Eating

hot or pungent in taste
hot or pungent in taste

spicy; pungent and hot; acrid and peppery
pungent and hot
acrid and peppery

spicy, hot, pungent; pungency; peppery hot
spicy, hot, pungent
peppery hot

chili pepper, hot pepper, red pepper, capsicum
chili pepper
hot pepper
red pepper

chili sauce; red pepper paste
chili sauce
red pepper paste

to irritate, pungent, biting, hurl a verbal insult
to irritate
pungent, biting
hurl a verbal insult


spices; condiment

five flavors: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, bitterness 苦, peppery hotness 辣, and saltiness 鹹
five flavors

sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
bitterness 苦
peppery hotness 辣
saltiness 鹹

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