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profound (1-character)

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profound (Chinese words)

profound, abstruse; occult and mystic; deep and profound
profound, abstruse
occult and mystic
deep and profound

abstruse, profound, mysterious

deep, profound, close, deeply, thoroughgoing
close, deeply

dark, obscure; deep, profound; underworld, nether world
dark, obscure
deep, profound
underworld, nether world

abyss, deep pool, deep, profound
deep pool
deep, profound

deep, profound, clear with blue tint
deep, profound
clear with blue tint

great, boundless, profound
great, boundless, profound

understand thoroughly, profoundest, perspicacious
understand thoroughly
profoundest, perspicacious

Zen, profound meditation which is the penultimate stage of yoga
profound meditation which is
the penultimate stage of yoga

deep, profound, depth of learning, abyss of one's mind, proficient in, master of
deep, profound
depth of learning
abyss of one's mind
proficient in, master of

profound in meaning
profound in meaning

tiny, fine, slight, diminutive, micro-, abstruse, profound, esoteric
tiny, fine, slight
diminutive, micro-
abstruse, profound, esoteric

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