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only for one person or group and not for everyone

private, personal, secret, confidential
private, personal
secret, confidential

inside story, secrets behind, private circumstances
inside story
secrets behind
private circumstances

intimate, heart-to-heart, private and personal
private and personal

inmost soul, bottom of the heart, most private and deeply felt
inmost soul
bottom of the heart
most private and deeply felt

privately, secretly
privately, secretly

detective, private detective
private detective

boudoir, lady's private chambers
lady's private chambers

private room; box, loge in a theater
private room
box, loge in a theater

family school; private tutorage; private primary school
family school
private tutorage
private primary school

secluded and quiet; private and tranquil place, environment
secluded and quiet
private and tranquil
(place, environment)

quiet and peaceful, tranquil and private
quiet and peaceful
tranquil and private

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