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pretty (1-character)

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pretty (Chinese words)

beauty, beautiful, pretty; fine, good, exquisite
beauty, beautiful, pretty
fine, good, exquisite

beautiful, pretty; glamorous, magnificent
beautiful, pretty
glamorous, magnificent

pretty; lovely; coquettish

pretty and charming; delicate, tender, and lovely; pampered, lovable and fragile
pretty and charming
delicate, tender, and lovely
pampered, lovable and fragile

rakish; pretty and cute; good-looking
pretty and cute

pretty, beautiful, lovely; still, quiet, tranquil
pretty, beautiful, lovely
still, quiet, tranquil

pretty, beautiful, elegant, refined
pretty, beautiful, elegant, refined

beautiful girl; pretty woman
beautiful girl
pretty woman

pretty young woman
pretty young woman

pretty, nice, sleek
pretty, nice, sleek

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